Playing Games for Free

If you can practice on an online casino game in the free play demo mode prior to launching it in the real cash mode, we highly recommend doing so, especially if you have never played on the game before. This practice mode is generally available at almost every online casino today and it is a great way for players to learn how to play a game.

Sometimes this practice mode is only available to guest players, so if you are signed into your account and you can’t seem to find this free play mode, you may need to log out of your account for this practice mode to become available. Alternatively, this free play demo mode option might only become available when you attempt to actually launch the game.

You won’t ever be able to win real cash prizes when playing on a casino game in this fun mode, but you will be able to win fun chips. If you ever run out of real chips but you still fancy a flutter on your favourite game, this practice mode allows you to do just that and this is a great way to practice new strategies that you may have been wanting to try out. For example, you could practice using basic blackjack strategy (which is a proven strategy) in this fun play mode.

If a new game is released but you are not sure whether to risk your own hard-earned cash on it, simply launch it in the free play mode (if possible). This is a great way to find out whether you like the game or not and there’s absolutely zero risk involved. There’s no way that you can lose any of your own cash in this mode.

Unfortunately not all online casinos have this practice mode available and some online casinos even state in their policies (or T’s and C’s) that you must make a deposit into your account before you can access this free play mode. The majority of online slot machines that we have reviewed right there on this site are now available in the free play/practice/demo mode.